Tumblr Crushes:

  • gloamingcoloured - interesting and filled with feelings and great commentary
  • falcuntpunch - hilarious with excellent tag commentary
  • wagglingeyebrows - interesting and blogs about games and things I like
  • nicotinearmoires - interesting with a winning personality, good blog, and pretty face
  • foxy-mulder - different blog than what I usually follow and sort of an interesting and NSFW alternative, also interesting in general
  • missxmei - lots of anime art and beautiful posts
  • beatricebaudelaires - all-loving and full of feelings and likes poetic words
  • spiderman-saga - great variety of things and a cute face
  • forfuturereferenceonly - well everyone knows who this blog is so I don’t really need to elaborate

I love you all

these are all great blogs, follow saturday HERE’S A LIST

also I’m very bad at describing things so I’m sorry if my descriptions were written poorly/stupidly!!!!

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