Anonymous: Hiya, out of curiosity what do you think science has yet to understand?






Well for one, I feel that many scientists completely dismiss the idea of “ghosts” simply because many folks assume ghosts are consciousness that lasted after death. Many religions believe in souls, but I agree with psychologists and neurologists that “soul” really is something our brains have developed chemically.  I believe in ghosts because I have witnessed a shadow appear at my grandmother’s house on several occasions. Now, to be clear, I don’t believe the ghost was a soul exactly. I believe that since energy cannot be created or destroyed and kinetic energy can leave traces. I think the shadow is my great great grandmother’s left over energy from the paths that she constantly walked within the home while living there. 

Additionally, there are certain animals that biologists refuse to believe because there is little documented proof but several eye-witness accounts. I believe crytozoology to be a real science because it has helped identify several animals that were otherwise assumed to not exist. Now, I don’t believe in the Loch Ness monster or the Big Foot yet, but I do believe in other creatures. 

Also, I believe science has minimal understanding of psychics because the topic has been mocked for years as well as demonized by several religions. I have read a few articles and experiments that make me really wonder about the possibility of psychics. I don’t believe that someone can read another person’s mind (I see that as being a natural gift of reading body language and such) but I do believe that sometimes people can just… know things. I don’t know how to explain it exactly but yeah. 

That’s just a few things though.

This is an interesting topic :) Although I consider myself a Christian, my view on religion is quite similar to yours. Imo science and religion answer to two totally different questions, and that’s why the religion vs. science thing seems stupid to me. Science tells how the world works and how it was born. Religion, on the other hand, was basically created to tell people why they must “be good people”; it’s all about ethics and moral. I mean, pretty much all religions in the world have the same message (to treat other people how you’d like to be treated) and to me, that’s the most important thing about religion. Everything else is just description. And to those who insist that the Bible tells us how the world was created - remember that pretty much everything in the Bible is metaphors (

I feel that religion can give an individual a sense of belonging and community as well as an explanation as to the big question of “Why are we here?” Some folks, like what you mentioned, do use religion as a way to understand a moral code of sorts. And I think the reason why some atheists are ignorant or judgmental is because they feel that they don’t need someone else to tell them how to behave. (This is a behavior that kind of bothers me) I dunno, I don’t see why people have to go around telling others that their religion is total bullshiz because if that person is able to bare their life because of faith they have in something others don’t believe in, what harm will that due, ya know? Just gotta live and let live.

I agree with the majority of what was said in this thread. It’s very interesting and has got me thinking about a few things.

However, I must say this:

Religious zealots who take the bible literally (not religious people that use their faith as a code of morals/ethics or understands the Bible was written by man using thousands of metaphors rather than a god) are the ones that some atheists feel the need to speak up about. When someone’s religion begins to affect my personal life (because they want to change laws, change rules at school, etc.), that’s when we speak up. Because that’s not cool. Religion should be a personal relationship (or lack thereof) with your god and it should not affect those around you. I would say the same thing if I were Jewish, Muslim, etc. many people who wish to use their religion to change laws and things only want their religion to be taken into consideration. Not the religion of others. So while yes, there are *some* atheists who have a retort for any religious thing said and just go around personally attacking people based on religion for fun, that’s one thing. They’re assholes. But a lot of people will sit back and not give two shits what you believe or where you go on Sundays. Just don’t try to push anything on us or change things in our lives because you (generally speaking, not personally addressing anyone) want your religion to take precedence over another’s.

Disclaimer: I wrote this on my phone. I apologize for misspellings and grammatical errors.

^^I agree whole-heartedly with this. There’s a balance that is needed from all individuals, atheists, agnostic, and religious alike. Respecting one and other for our views while not pushing them upon anyone else is the key to creating religious tolerance. Now if only we can get the extremists of all parties to understand that point…


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I was stoned when I posted my last post so here’s a better version of it

basically a girl I worked with (who was also a lesbian) was talking to me earlier today and I asked her about taking me along to the local gay club sometime and she told me she would next time she got out

well long story short, before this about two months ago, we started talking a lot and became friends. well I guess she developed a crush on me and then tried to mildly hit on me. it made me uncomfortable because I wasn’t attracted to her and also didn’t have feelings for her… and because she’s fourteen years older than me. after that I avoided her for a while because I didn’t want to be honest with her and reject her because I’m not good with confrontation. well a few weeks after that, I went back and apologized and told her I was uncomfortable and the issue was resolved.

she seems to think it’s because I’m lying or whatever about also liking girls. because when I brought up the idea to her she said “it’s okay to be straight you know lol” and then brought up me not talking trying to avoid her in reference to that, like somehow me being uncomfortable had something with my sexuality.


that’s not the fucking issue.

second time within a few weeks that someone has tried to tell me I was straight. I’m so tired of now being taken seriously. if you don’t know what I’m going through, fuck off. I don’t need your fucking judgment or your bitterness because I turned you down. I’m done opening up to other people about this shit and done getting really upset when someone tries to invalidate me. fuck. off.


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Today was a high strung day and I got super upset because this lesbian I used to be friends with basically ridiculed me and said “it’s okay to be straight you know” and it made me feel shitty about myself and then more stuff happened with other people that was upsetting

so I came home and got really freakin stoned

I feel a lot better now :)


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